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From small drones for retail sales to larger maritime vessels for public safety uses, specification requirements for manufacturers of unmanned systems vary as widely by the types of systems being made, materials and methods employed, and the sites of production.

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Noise Pollution and Social Acceptance of UAM

Autonomous systems are transforming business and the economy, and their impact on the future will grow with increased integration into our daily lives. Recent advancements in urban air mobility (UAM) – autonomous systems that transport cargo and passengers at low altitudes in urban and suburban areas – are moving us toward a safer and more efficient transportation future. However, the momentum of this evolving industry also brings challenges posed by increased urban noise.

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Key Pillars For The Unmanned Industry To Achieve Assured Autonomy

As the AUVSI community looks forward to XPONENTIAL 2021, AUVSI hosted an XPONENTIAL Webinar Series to preview the educational programming that will take place virtually and in-person at the event later this year. The week’s programming kicked off with Dr. Cara LaPointe, co-director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Assured Autonomy and an expert at the intersection of technology, policy, leadership, and ethics.

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Early performance of hydrogen fuel cell prototype has NWUAV looking forward to new wave in drone propulsion

Northwest UAV leaders are excited about early test results for a hydrogen fuel cell prototype that have exceeded expectations and that they hope will herald a trend toward hydrogen-powered propulsion in unmanned flight.

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Black Swift Technologies contracts with NOAA to develop a backup navigation system for when standard GPS fails

Jamming. Spoofing. Interference from the landscape or cityscape. Interference from other flight equipment.

Such snarls arise often enough with satellite signals to make it clear: Routine UAS flight beyond the line of sight (BLOS) will likely never happen with traditional GPS technology alone. To assure safe travel over long distances, unmanned aircraft systems need greater capability to ensure accurate positioning and routing.

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